Manhae NUTRISANTE, 120 Capsules , 4 months whose 1 month free
  • Manhae NUTRISANTE, 120 Capsules , 4 months whose 1 month free

Manhae NUTRISANTE, 120 Capsules , 4 months whose 1 month free


MANHAE 120 Capsules 4 months whose 1 month free: 1 capsule per day to treat in a natural way hot flushes, night sweats of menopause.

The Manhaé capsules are anti-fatigue and make it possible to find a glare of the skin.

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Manhaé is the first, most effective and most complete solution of natural origin. Without soy and without any source of hormones or phytoestrogens (plant hormones), Manhaé is suitable for all women who wish to reduce their climacteric disorders and preserve their femininity.

Tips for using Manhaé

1 capsule per day during the main meal. The ideal is to make a 4-month cure, to renew as often as necessary.

For who ?

Manhaé offers a natural and risk-free solution to any woman who wishes to reduce her hot flashes and night sweats, regain her tone and preserve her youthfulness during menopause without resorting to hormones, even of plant origin (soy, flax, sage …). The nutritional formula of this scientifically proven food supplement is suitable for all stages of menopause. Manhaé can also be used: • by women who are still adjusted but subject to vasomotor disorders of pre-menopause, • by women who wish to reduce their THM * intake, • by women who are undergoing treatment for the thyroid, • by women who have undergone chemotherapy, • if there is a contraindication to THMs or phytoestrogens.


This stage, marked by physical and psychological upheavals, also has consequences on the sexuality of women. Manhaé thus preserves each woman's femininity by reducing vaginal dryness and contributing to better sexuality. Evidence of the cessation of the production of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) by the ovaries, menopause is a very natural stage in the life of women. Most of the treatments offered to combat the inconveniences associated with this period consist in providing the body with the missing hormones that the ovaries no longer produce. However, these hormone replacement therapies are the subject of several controversies. The precept proposed by Manhaé is different. It consists of supporting the natural process by offering an exclusive solution without any source of hormones since the physiological evolution of our body causes them to gradually disappear over age. Thus, Manhaé does not upset the natural order of things and does not cause the side effects of hormonal treatments (hormone-dependent cancers: breast, uterus, etc.). Manhaé is a natural source of effective, highly tolerated and safe active ingredients.

Composition of Manhaé Menopause capsules

Endophospholipids, rich in long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA from Omega 3 help reduce hot flashes Vitamin B9, Iron and Omega 3 help fight stress to regain relaxation and well-being.

 Capsule (gelatin; stabilizer: glycerol; color: caramel; flavor: ethyl vanillin); citrus extract (Citrus sinensis); borage oil (Borago officinalis); fish oil; mineral: iron gluconate; marine phospholipids (fish); mineral: zinc gluconate; emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids; thickener: yellow beeswax; natural vitamin E; naturally occurring beta-carotene; sunflower oil ; vitamin B9. This product contains traces of sulphites. Active ingredients per maximum recommended daily dose: Beta-carotene 3.1 mg Vitamin E 12 mg (100% VNR *) Vitamin B9 200 µg (100% VNR *) Iron 5.7 mg (40.7% VNR *) Zinc 5 mg (50% VNR *) Citrus extract 170 mg including flavonoids 85 mg Borage oil 185 mg including GLA 54 mg Fish oil 125 mg Omega 3 87 mg including EPA 41.5 mg and DHA 30.6 mg Phospholipids 14 mg


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