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Good Night - Gummies with Vitamins - Lashilé - 60 Gummies
  • Good Night - Gummies with Vitamins - Lashilé - 60 Gummies

Good Night - Gummies with Vitamins - Lashilé - 60 Gummies


Le secret d’un sommeil réparateur avec sa formule naturelle, douce et sans accoutumance!

Les Good Night sont des gummies vitaminés spécialement conçus pour réparer le sommeil.

Ils sont végans, non testés sur les animaux, fabriqués en France et contiennent de délicieux arômes naturels. Nos gummies ont été formulés grâce à un complexe essentiel de MÉLATONINE, L-THÉANINE, TRYPTOPHANE, VALÉRIANE, PASSIFLORE, VITAMINES B6 ET B9, des nutriments essentiels pour faciliter l’endormissement, contribuer à un sommeil réparateur et lutter contre le décalage horaire.

Contrairement aux vitamines classiques, nos gummies sont faciles à prendre et à digérer. Sans gélatine, sans produits laitiers, sans gluten et donc sans effets secondaires. 60 gummies par flacon pour une durée de 30 jours.

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Good Night are vitamin-packed gummies specially designed to repair sleep. They are vegan, not tested on animals, made in France and contain delicious natural flavors.

Our gummies have been formulated with an essential complex of MELATONIN, L-THEANINE, TRYPTOPHANE, VALERIAN, PASSIFLOR, VITAMINS B6 AND B9, essential nutrients to facilitate falling asleep, contribute to a restful sleep and fight against jet lag.

Unlike traditional vitamins, our gummies are easy to take and digest. Gelatin free, dairy free, gluten free and therefore no side effects. 60 gummies per bottle for 30 days.

Blueberry flavor, only 5kcal per gummies!

Made in France. 


We recommend 2 gummies per day.

Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Store at room temperature in a clean, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The use is not recommended to people suffering from inflammatory or auto-immune diseases, to pregnant or breast-feeding women, to people having to carry out an activity requiring a sustained vigilance and being able to pose a safety problem in the event of drowsiness. The consumption of melatonin in the form of food supplements should be subject to medical advice for people with epilepsy, asthma, mood, behavioral or personality disorders and people taking medication. It is recommended to limit the intake of these dietary supplements to occasional use.


- MELATONIN: this is a substance secreted by our body that helps us find sleep. Melatonin is the hormone of well-being of relaxation and especially of deep and restful sleep.

- L-THERMAL: it is a substance secreted by our body that helps us find sleep.

- L-THEANINE: this amino acid naturally present in green tea, allows an improvement in the quality of sleep, which becomes deeper, without increasing its duration. L-theanine acts on the brain as a relaxant, without being sedative. It reduces the perception of physical and mental stress and improves attention. L-theanine increases relaxation and well-being and promotes restful sleep.

- TRYPTOPHANE: is an essential amino acid for the body. Precursor of serotonin called "happiness hormone", it contributes to our well-being and happiness. Tryptophan works as a natural sedative to relieve sleep and mood disorders.

- VITAMIN B6: the "dream vitamin"! Dreams participate in emotional well-being, their disappearance announces the beginning of insomnia. It also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and reduces fatigue.

- VITAMIN B9: necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

- PASSIFLORA: this climbing plant gives rise to beautiful flowers called "passion flowers". They are known for their tranquilizing virtues, to calm anxious states, sleep disorders, restlessness and stress.

- VALERIA: this climbing plant gives birth to beautiful flowers called "passion flowers".

- VALERIAN: after several days of treatment, this medicinal plant facilitates sleep and rebalances sleep by resynchronizing its different phases. Its action improves sleep, reduces fatigue, promotes sleep and avoids nighttime awakenings.


Wheat syrup - Sugar - Fructo-oligosaccharides - Gelling agent: pectin - Acidifying agent: citric acid - L-Theanine - Dry extract of Passiflora aerial part (Passiflora incarnata L. ) - Tryptophan - Natural flavor - Concentrated blueberry juice - Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root dry extract - Coating agent: carnauba wax, vegetable oils (contains coconut and rapeseed oils) and antioxidant: alpha-tocopherol - Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) - Melatonin - Pteroylmonoglutamic acid (Vitamin B9).


✔ Promotes natural sleep

✔ Melatonin, herbs, amino acids and vitamins

✔ Helps reduce time to sleep

✔ Mitigates the effects of jet lag

✔ Non-addictive and non-drowsy during the day

✔ Suitable for men and women


✔ Made in an allergen-free facility

✔ Lactose and dairy free

✔ Animal gelatin free

✔ Gluten-free

✔ Hormone-free


Classical Vitamins



Effective Effective
Same price Exactly the same price
Smell bad Delicious scent
Hard to swallow Fun to taste
Hard to digest Easy to digest
Contains collagen 100% vegan
Gelatin Free of gelatin
Little attendance Assiduous attendance
Corruption 100% fun!"


Ingredients For 2 gummies % of refreshment intake
Melatonin 1.9mg
L-Theanine 80mg
Tryptophan 60mg
Vitamin B6 1.4mg 100%
Vitamin B9 200µg 100%
Valerian extract 20mg
Passiflora extract 66mg

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