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Good Hair - Women - Lashilé - 60 Sugar-Free Gummies
  • Good Hair - Women - Lashilé - 60 Sugar-Free Gummies

Good Hair - Women - Lashilé - 60 Sugar-Free Gummies

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Good Hair WOMEN are vitamin-enriched gummies sugar free specially designed to fight women's hair loss.

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Everything women need to prevent, fight and stop hair loss: Suitable for occasional, chronic or hormonal female hair loss, Natural formula with plants, vitamins and trace elements, Targeted action against hair loss, Fights against hair aging, Activates scalp microcirculation and boosts hair fiber, Contributes to normal cysteine synthesis.

A unique formula specifically designed for women's hair: Venus Hair, Iron, MSM (Methylsulfonate), Zinc, Blueberry Leaf, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8, Vitamin B12.

VENUS FOUNTAIN This indoor fern native to Brazil, known as "The Capillary," is responsible for fighting hair loss and baldness.

Iron An essential trace element that helps hair growth.

VITAMIN E Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, which helps repair damaged hair follicles. In addition, it stimulates the immune system and blood circulation, including in the scalp. It is therefore ideal for repairing damaged hair and stimulating hair growth.

MSM (METHYLSULFONATE)A source of sulfur known to improve hair condition.

ZINC This trace mineral is a powerful antioxidant that plays an extremely important role in hair health and beauty.

MYRTILLE It activates scalp microcirculation and optimizes nutrient delivery to the hair bulb.

VITAMIN B6 Vitamin B6 helps boost the health of your hair, fights hair loss and contributes to normal cysteine synthesis.

COCONUT OIL This popular oil has been used around the world to support hair and scalp health. Because of its similarity to the natural oils in our scalp, coconut oil is one of the few oils that can moisturize your hair.

ZINC Zinc plays an essential role in the synthesis of keratin and collagen, two proteins that make up the hair fiber. It therefore contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

VITAMIN B12 Vitamin B12 plays a role in the cell division process.

VITAMIN B8 (BIOTINE) Biotin helps maintain normal hair.


Take 2 gummies daily whenever you want.

30 day program (1 month bottle).

There are 60 gummies per bottle.

Good Hair WOMEN gives results in the first month.

For long-lasting results, we recommend 3 to 6 months.

Results will vary from person to person.

We recommend a 1 month break after 6 consecutive months of treatment.

Precaution for use

Store at room temperature in a clean, dry place. Not recommended for children under 12 years, pregnant and lactating women, and people on anti-diabetic medication.


Bulking agent: maltitol - Dry extract of aerial part of Venus hair (Adiantum capillus-veneris L.) - Gelling agent: pectin - Acidifier: citric acid - Methane methylsulfonate (MSM) - Zinc citrate - Flavor - Acidifier: citrate sodium - Concentrate (carrot and blackcurrant) - Dry extract of blueberry leaf (Vaccinium myrtillus L) - Ferric pyrophosphate - Coating agent: carnauba wax - Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) - Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) - Biotin (vitamin B8) SUGAR-FREE FORMULA





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