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Double Mosquito Diffusers - All Zones - Manouka - 2 Diffusers
  • Double Mosquito Diffusers - All Zones - Manouka - 2 Diffusers

Double Mosquito Diffusers - All Zones - Manouka - 2 Diffusers


The anti-mosquito diffuser proposed by the Manouka brand is a solution for protection against mosquitoes for the general public. Designed for mobile use, it is the perfect complement to mosquito repellent applied to the skin.

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In the form of a refillable ball, the Manouka anti-mosquito diffuser can be used in all areas of the world: temperate zones, tropical zones, and even mosquito-infested areas. Its effectiveness is clinically proven by the cage test (recommended by the WHO), including on the tiger mosquito as well as on flies. You are protected for 6 hours per dose within a 1 metre radius of the diffuser.

Because of its size, the Manouka diffuser can be hung anywhere, depending on your needs: tent, backpack, pram, belt, parasol, bedside lamp, window, etc. It contains a ball pre-saturated with a repellent solution based on IR3535 and citriodiol. IR3535 (ethyl butylacetylaminopropanoate) is an insect repellent molecule approved both for its safety and its effectiveness. Citriodiol, on the other hand, is obtained from lemon eucalyptus, which is known for its insect repellent properties.

By repelling mosquitoes, the Manouka anti-mosquito diffuser helps to prevent bites and the discomfort they cause. The diffuser is available in several colours and comes with an anti-mosquito refill offering 30 days of protection.

Instructions for use 

Remove the plastic cover from the Manouka mosquito diffuser. Open the ball by turning the 2 half-spheres in opposite directions. Refill the diffuser ball by injecting a pressure of the active ingredient (the diffuser ball is already pre-saturated for 7 days). Hang the diffuser in the desired location (pram, backpack, tent, etc.). Replace the ball after use and repeat the operation according to your needs.


IR3535/SAS: 52304-36-6 (10%) (m/m); Citriodiol/SAS: 1245629-80-4 (5%) (m/m).