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Anti-Lice & Nits - Pouxit XF - 100 ml
  • Anti-Lice & Nits - Pouxit XF - 100 ml

Anti-Lice & Nits - Pouxit XF - 100 ml


Pouxit XF is indicated for the treatment of lice and nits in adults and children aged over 6 months. This product does not contain an insecticide with a neurotoxic mode of action on lice; it acts by physical effect. 15-minute application, 1 single application.

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The brand's iconic product, Pouxit XF kills lice and nits in just 1 15-minute application1. No need for a second application or a full night's treatment! POUXIT XF contains Dimeticone (a silicone derivative) and Penetrol (a patented molecule). Dimeticone kills lice and nits by physical action, covering them. Penetrol, combined with Dimeticone, enables Dimeticone to penetrate more effectively into the nits' orifices, thereby maximising Dimeticone's lenticidal activity.

Directions for use

- Shake bottle well before use. Cover shoulders to avoid staining clothing.

- Apply the lotion to the scalp and dry hair.

- Massage into the hair to ensure complete absorption.

- Leave on for 15 minutes.

- Apply a shampoo directly to the hair without wetting it with water, making sure to cover the entire head.

- Rinse out. If necessary, repeat the same procedure.

Precautions for use

Pouxit XF contains no insecticides with a neurotoxic effect on lice and nits, and no alcohol.

Pouxit XF can be used by children aged 6 months and over and by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

POUXIT XF comes as a colourless, odourless lotion in a bottle for discreet treatment.


Dimeticone (4%); 1,6,10-Dodecatrien-3-ol,3,7,11-trimethyl; PEG/PPG Dimeticone co-polymer; Silica Silylate.