Femannose N D-Mannose - Prevention and treatment of Cystitis - 30 sachets
  • Femannose N D-Mannose - Prevention and treatment of Cystitis - 30 sachets

Femannose N D-Mannose - Prevention and treatment of Cystitis - 30 sachets


The sachet acts as well on the prevention as on the acute treatment of cystitis or urinary infections - Cure of 2 attacks or basic treatment of 1 month.

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<h3 Femannose N is a new product for the acute treatment of cystitis thanks to D-mannose and its innovative mode of action: Prevents bacteria from attaching to the walls. Removes those already attached. Eliminates undesirable bacteria with the urinary flow. Femannose N provides 2g of D-mannose per sachet, i.e. between 4g and 6g per day during the treatment period and thus allows a targeted, rapid and effective action against unwanted bacteria, without destroying the flora.

Mode of action of D-mannose

The active ingredient in Femannose N is integral to its name: it is D-mannose. It is a simple sugar (very little metabolized) produced in small quantities by our body and is therefore not foreign to it. In Femannose N, it comes from non-genetically modified corn. In high doses, the D-mannose molecules prevent bacteria from attaching themselves to the bladder, remove those already attached and eliminate them during the next micturition. Cystitis is mainly caused by E.coli bacteria. In the bladder, the surface of the mucosal cells is made up of sugar structures (D-mannose secreted by the body) to which E.coli like to adhere, thus triggering the inflammation by the body's defense reaction. Femannose N delivers more D-mannose in unchanged form. By saturating the bladder in this way, Femannose N prevents E.coli from attaching to the bladder. In addition, Femmanose N loosens and displaces bacteria already attached to the bladder. Suspended bacteria are then eliminated through the urine stream.

Tips for use

Pure adults and children over 14 years of age. The recommended dosage for the treatment of acute cystitis is as follows: - From day 1 to 3: 3 per day - From day 4 to day 5: 2 per day The sachets should be taken throughout the day.